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Achieve unprecedented sales success with an invincible Google Shopping campaign, surpassing all sales targets in record-breaking time.

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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an advertising platform offered by Google within Google Ads, functioning as a virtual marketplace. When users search for a particular product on Google, they are presented with boxes displaying images, prices, retailer information, and other relevant details for that specific item, positioned alongside or above the regular search results. Clicking on a Google Shopping ad leads the user to the advertiser’s website or eCommerce platform.

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Behind The Scenes

When users search, Google scans its Merchant Centre database to choose products with relevant, complete data and high quality scores. Unoptimised feeds lead to ad invisibility. This aligns with Google's mission of providing searchers with the most relevant, high-quality information.

Getting The Top Spots

Local searches focus on specific locations, including towns, cities, and key details like product availability and operating hours. Local SEO emphasises directory listings, Google My Business profiles, and social media profiles. Your Google My Business location has the greatest influence on local search results, making it a vital component of your Local SEO strategy.

Engineering Campaigns

Leveraging customer journey insights, we expertly optimise Shopping campaigns. Through thorough keyword and market research, we strategically handle bids and shopping feeds. Collaborating with you, we craft irresistible ads that entice shoppers to click. Let the shopping adventure commence with our exceptional expertise.

Maximise Sales For Your Top-Selling Products.

Get ready to unlock unparalleled profits. Google Shopping is your gateway to immense revenue generation, showcasing your most relevant products as prominent display ads atop Google’s search results. With our profound expertise in Google’s tools and precise targeting capabilities, your products will shine brightly.

We’ll handle every aspect of managing your featured products, exclusive deals, and promotions, from initial submission to ad creation, bidding process, comprehensive reporting, and continual performance enhancements. Rest assured, we have you covered for a thriving success story.

Local SEO Compas

Maximum Exposure = Record Revenues.

Imagine your product’s image, ratings, and more prominently displayed at the top of Google’s search result page. Can you hear the delightful sound of a digital cash register ringing? Well, get ready, because all of this is achievable with an exceptional Google Shopping campaign. We’ll guide you through mastering Google’s Merchant Centre, enabling you to maximise your reach by uploading your inventory to the immensely popular Google Shopping site. With just a single click, an audience seeking convenience will effortlessly discover the precise product they desire.

Our PPC Services

Unleash the full potential of our PPC Services through tailored campaigns that leverage the perfect platforms for your unique business needs.

Google Ads

Dominate your competition. Generate an abundance of sales. Bid farewell to underperforming ads, costly CPCs, and unqualified leads.

Bing Ads

Uncover overlooked leads that your competitors have missed and achieve superior conversion rates at a reduced cost-per-click through a precise and targeted Bing Ads campaign.


Maintain a strong presence and convert website visitors into valuable customers through powerful remarketing strategies that surpass your competitors.

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Let's Boost Your Digital Marketing!

Equip Your Business For Success By Harnessing The Power Of Digital Marketing To Drive Growth.

Client Testimonials

Taylored Property Wealth has been working with Kila Marketing for the last few months. Kila Marketing managed to get us better results in two weeks of working with them than my previous agency did in 3 months.

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Casey Taylor Taylored Property Wealth

Lachlan has been fantastic to deal with, providing us with fortnightly updates and reports. Kila Marketing has increased our sales dramatically through both SEO and Google Shopping Ads making us more profitable as a business.

A girl in a white dress stands smiling in front of some bushes
Maddie Powell The Acne Heroes

I came to Kila Marketing with little expectations as my previous agency seemed to have no idea what they were doing. After talking to Dylan on the phone I realised that there were many issues with my campaign my previous agency was running. I have since moved over to Kila Marketing and not looked back.

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Dean Klingl Original Fit Wear

When I launched my new business, I was completely clueless about marketing. Thankfully, I reached out to Kila Marketing, who patiently guided me and helped me grasp the essentials. Since then, their dedicated focus on my SEO has significantly boosted my organic presence. I couldn't be happier with their exceptional service.

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